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Fort Wayne Child Custody Lawyer

Indiana Visitation Attorney

The guiding principle through determining parenting time or visitation is always keeping what's in the best interests of the child as a priority. As an experienced Fort Wayne child custody attorney, I will work to diligently protect your rights while focusing on doing what's best for your child.

As the founding attorney of Douglass Law Firm, I will guide my clients through the process of writing an accurate parenting plan using the most current parenting time guidelines. As a skilled mediator, I can help my client navigate the many complicated issues surrounding visitation.

By building a relationship based on trust and communication, I am able to help my clients work through a difficult situation to reach a successful resolution.

  • Legal custody refers to a document that the parents agree on that spells out which parent will have decision-making power regarding the child's education, religion or medical care. Based on the parents' ability to communicate and come to a decision for the child's future together, joint legal custody might be awarded.
  • Physical custody refers to where the child will stay and for how long. These agreements take many forms with alternating weekends, holidays or periods of time. Many conditions are agreed upon through the process of mediation.

Following a judgment, it might become necessary to modify the judge's original decree. This will typically happen if one of the parents wants to relocate or if one of the parents has a dramatic change in income. If you are seeking a modification, it is wise to contact a lawyer immediately. There are many guidelines, and it is important to present a strong argument to the judge.

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