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Fort Wayne Traffic Violations Lawyer

Indiana Speeding Ticket Attorney

If you or a family member has received a traffic ticket, it is in your best interests to contact a Fort Wayne traffic violations attorney to have the infraction reduced or dismissed.

I am attorney Michael T. Douglass, and I have helped countless individuals who have been charged with a traffic violation involving many factors, including:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving while texting
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • OWI
  • Failure to follow signals or posted signs

Traffic violations are assigned a point value that gets added to your driving record each time you are cited. The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles records these points, and you run the risk of having your license suspended if you acquire too many points in too short a time. Drivers also run the risk of having their insurance premiums increase as point totals go up.

The following list represents how different violations are assigned a point total:

  • Two points: Violations that add two points to your license include driving one to 15 mph over the posted speed limit, failure to use headlights, and broken headlights or signal lights.
  • Four points: These violations include driving 16 to 25 mph over the posted speed limit, performing an illegal U-turn or changing lanes in an unsafe manner.
  • Six points: These violations include driving 26 or more mph over the posted speed limit, following too closely, or failing to yield or come to a complete stop.
  • Eight points: These violations include driving with a suspended license and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.

Contact Douglass Law Firm for more information regarding traffic violation point values or the Infraction Deferral Program. I can meet with you at a convenient time and location for a free consultation.

Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Violations

Many commercial drivers look for a lawyer immediately following a traffic violation. Drivers with a CDL find themselves in a very difficult situation. They are not allowed to have points removed via the Infraction Deferral Program, but there are several other things that can be done to protect their driving record, their livelihood and their pay rate. I can explain your options to you and fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

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